Throwin’ Bones

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Jay Cloud is the latest man on the block, having only been right here a few weeks. Recently transported, he today Uses up the mobile next to Cody Cummings, a long time resident whom kind of has the run regarding the location. Cody features brought notice of their new cellular neighbor, and when morning lockdown is raised while the gates open, Cody participates in a Lethargic minus with volatile possibilities. After playing some dominoes and passing a single day chatting, the 2 prisoners form a bond, and so Cody trusts Jay with a few contraband porno material he’s got stashed and provides it to Jay to get him through the times of isolation. Jay values the Movement, and when back in the mobile, he begins to peruse the mag, taking off their cock and stroking softly on their bunk. Cody senses exactly what he’s up to, and gets as much as take a look, unzipping their match and pulling out his cock as Jay watches through the pubs. Stroking it while gazing at each various other shows more temptation than either man can handle, so Jay makes their method over to Cody’s mobile and pounces on his dick, dropping to his legs and starting to draw Cody away as Cody disrobes. Cody leans back on their berth and Jay goes on to draw him down while stroking their very own cock, and when Cody is fantastic a worked up, he bends Jay around and pumps him from behind, unleashing all his pent up energy in a freeing release of jizz while he bursts all over Jay’s back just like the call for night time lock down sounds.

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