Hot Pockets

Cody Cummings knows how to line-up a stroke. He features taken Kyle Quinn straight in to their pool area if you wish make a couple of shots all over table and additionally to take an appearance at his form regarding the board.
Kyle isn’t simply a large #1 fan of Cody’s amazing figure, he’s moreover adored their concentration under great anxiety. This time around he is looking to be taught a few techniques not simply concerning shooting pool, but masturbating a solid cock also. After Cody chooses to provide the share fit a rest, boners come out blazing, and Kyle can’t keep his fingers off that huge cock! Cody likes Kyle’s smooth, cock-jerking design so he slips their hard penis directly into Kyle’s hot, eager lips. Examine completely these guys as they get from shooting share to shooting hot loads in this wicked hot billiard space blast!

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