First Time Facial

There’s a first time for everything and this is a huge one for the illustrious Cody Cummings. Cody has invited two close pals over to do some thing that has already been on their head for a whilst today. Colt streams and Lucas Knight are joining another Gay Porn Stallion to assist him provide their enthusiasts something they’re not anticipating.

This knowledge is getting started simply as any scene would, except Cody is allowing you just take a look at what the ‘pre-game’ is like. Before every shoot, Cody along with his male scene partners have a little jerk program in order to harden their particular dicks to your max, and obtain the juices moving.

But this time around, it’s prior to one epic moment. Cody is blowing their very own load first, next positioning himself between Lucas and Colt so he can just take each of their particular warm, dense sperm blasts all over their face!

Join this trio and cost up your very own stiffy. Cody’s limitations are out the door for a while this time as he’s obtaining his face included in both of these hot men.

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