Bedtime Tail

This is the tale involving strapping guy, upon a company journey. This is Cody Cummings and he has got help from his sexy business helper, a hot dude known as Santiago Figueroa. After getting to their accommodation, and ofcoz for the 2 of them there is only one bed, Santiago enter the bath room to get a pleasant, hot bath.
Putting on his jammies, Cody jumps into the one bed while Santiago cleans himselfup. The heated water senses so great on his figure. Cody starts visualizing Santiago naked, with beer flowing all over his penis and delicious butt. It will make Cody’s dick grow. Cody takes out his hard cock and beings to touch it.

Once Santiago opens up the bath room door seeing Cody, the amazing str8 to gay pornstar, pulling his increasing hard-on, Santiago laughs and begins to help Cody jerking off his cock. Cody allows Santiago’s fingers run all over his body. Santiago’s lips goes over the Cody cock and licks it clean. Santiago swings his personal thick dick as he takes pleasure in Cody’s pulsating cock inside his mouth. Join both of these slutty guys out of the house while they allow their intuition assist them towards utter sensuous satisfaction with one another.

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